What is AI in Recruiting? Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as AI seems to be taking recruitment and human resources in general by storm. This is an emerging trend of HR technology which is designed to eradicate time-consuming tasks such as screening resumes manually. To date, the biggest challenge in recruitment is screening resumes time-effectively and efficiently to find the right talent. In fact, talent acquisition leaders say that the volume of candidates to hire will increase next year but their hiring teams will either shrink or remain the same. What this means is that recruitment teams will have to think outside the box and try to be more efficient. AI in Recruiting can help recruitment teams be more efficient by doing more work with less time.

AI in Recruiting

What Exactly is AI in Recruiting?

AI for recruiting refers to an Artificial Intelligence application such as problem-solving or learning that is executed by a computer during the recruitment process. This emerging trend is used to automate some parts of the recruitment, including high volume and repetitive tasks. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as scheduling interviews with shortlisted candidates or screening resumes, AI in recruiting can help hiring teams be more efficient and save time. As a result, companies that use AI for recruiting will reduce the time required to hire, which means they are less likely to lose top talents to competitors. It is important to note that recruiting tools such as applicant tracking systems can help hiring teams save time by automating the hiring process but cannot make them work smarter.

Application of AI in Recruiting

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence can make recruiting quicker and faster. When you use the right AI tools, it can free up your time and help you hire the best candidate for the advertised jobs. The following are ways artificial intelligence are used in recruitment today.


Use of AI-powered assistants, otherwise known as Chatbots is a technology that recruitment managers are embracing in hiring. Chatbots have the potential to be used in various human resource fields such as recruiting, coaching, and employee development. For example, in recruiting, Chatbots can help reduce the time required to hire the right candidate. In addition, this tool can boost the number of applicants who complete the job application process. Chatbots can be used to automate the recruitment process such as screening, scheduling, and sourcing. They can also be used to create a candidate profile and shortlist job applicants.

AI to Write a Job Ad

We are living in a very competitive world where companies are always fighting for the best candidates. Simple things such as job adverts you post online can either make or break your chances of hiring the best candidates. Job applicants judge a company from the job adverts they see online. If you want to stand out and attract the best applicants, your job advert should be good.

Eradicate Bias in Recruiting

Bias is a big problem in the recruitment field. However, if you want to end up with the right candidate for the job, you should not allow bias to cloud your judgment during the recruitment process. Thankfully there are AI applications which can reduce bias in recruiting. Using such tools can help your company become bias-free during the recruitment process.


AI in recruiting is an emerging trend which has the potential to improve the HR function in most companies. As the recruitment market continues to embrace innovation, expect AI application in recruiting to advance even further. This will not only help recruitment companies become more efficient, but will also reduce bias and improve the experience of job candidates.