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As an executive recruiter, I understand that considering whether or not to relocate for a new job opportunity is a big decision. When discussing a position with one of our candidates, I always make sure that the individual has a well-rounded understanding of the location, including cost of living and culture.

There are several important points to consider when making a move:

  • Research the difference in cost of living and what salary you will need to maintain your current standard of living.
  • Consider the local culture- Does it offer activities and experiences that you will enjoy? Will you be able to match your current lifestyle?
  • Does the city you’re moving to offer diversity in employment or is it a two company town? How does your future company fare in the market? Is the market consistent or expanding? This can be especially important if your spouse or significant other will need to secure adequate employment as well.
  • Does this move align with your personal, professional, short, and long term goals?

Whether you are considering moving across the country, or to a new city a few hours away, equipping yourself with the appropriate information takes time and effort. I have compiled some online resources for comparing cost of living, understanding state taxes, and finding a place to live.

Cost of Living Comparisons*

*Note: For best results, use more than one calculator because you’ll often get somewhat different results. Keep in mind that cities that are near each other can have quite different costs of living.  Also, calculators don’t always make a distinction between buying and renting, and this can significantly change the overall comparison.

State by State Taxes

Profiles of U.S. Cities

Information on Real Estate

Home Affordability Calculator

Cost of Moving

Protecting Your Move

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