Three Productivity Apps I Use Everyday

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By Nora Bright


As a small business owner and recruiter, it can be difficult to keep all of my projects and search assignments in order. Over the last year, I have adopted several routines and tools that have become essential to staying organized. In this article I’ve highlighted three apps that help me stay focused and productive every day.


Productivity App #1 – Evernote: Keep Track of Everything  

Evernote is a multiplatform app that allows you to artfully take and manage notes composed of text, lists, audio clips, screenshots and web clippings. You can use the app anywhere and with anyone: it syncs between multiple devices, and sharing your notes with co-workers and friends is practically effortless. The app is user-friendly with a simple, well-designed interface. Additionally, its “notebooks” and tags system will help you to stay organized no matter how many notes you take on different subjects. Personally, I love having a place to jot down quick thoughts and lists, without having to clutter my office drive with word documents. With Evernote, there’s no excuse not to record every piece of useful information that you might need later.


Productivity App #2 – FollowUpThen: Keep Track of Everyone

The concept of FollowUpThen is monumental yet simple—you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. FollowUpThen sends notification emails reminding you to follow up with whoever received your last email—coworkers, friends, and anyone in between. You can schedule the reminders for any time- for example, one week, 24 hours, or on Tuesday. If you CC “,” the app will send you and the person you emailed a reminder in one week. If you BCC the same email address, the app will only send you the reminder email. Using FollowUpThen, I can schedule a time to remind the email recipient right when I send the email, so I can put the issue completely out of my mind until the app reminds me.


Productivity App #3 – ToDoist: Keep Track of Yourself

ToDoist is a task list app that helps you prioritize your tasks and set deadlines. The application allows you to assign a date, color, and category to each task. ToDoist syncs between all of your devices, and with a premium membership you can even download an Outlook extension that allows you to turn your emails into tasks. The process of checking ToDoist at the end of each day, and planning for tomorrow, has become an essential part of my work routine.


With these three productivity apps, I have been able to keep my inbox and head (mostly) clear of clutter. Hopefully, these tools will help you to develop your own personal organizational routine that will help you stay focused on your most important projects.

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