Are you wondering what employers expect from employees? Although most job seekers consider a number of things when looking for work, it’s important to know what employers look for in each employee they hire as well. With the job market becoming more and more competitive on a daily basis, job seekers cannot underestimate the significance of understanding what most employers are looking for in their new employees. Below is a list of what employers expect from employees. These are the most important qualities that employers consider whenever they’re hiring a new employee.

What Employers Expect From Employees

1.  Professionalism

Your first impression really matters. Your employer will make judgments about you based on how you look. As the saying goes, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Though it may seem unfair, start thinking of yourself as a book. The cover represents your professional image. If you don’t pay close attention to what you wear, what you say, how you speak, your facial expressions and how you address and interact with others, you’ll potentially ruin your professional image. Employers look for employees who can maintain a good professional image to maintain a good reputation for their organization.

What Employers Expect From Employees

2.  Good Work Habits

If you want to stand out from the rest of the employees and have a great work experience, you ought to know that your habits will determine your future. Employers love employees who have good work habits. They want employees who show up for work early and are ready to work. They also want people who are reliable and don’t carry their personal business and issues to their workplace. Lastly, employees wish to have employers who report to their workplaces to work, not to talk on the phone, socialize, or take frequent breaks.

3.  Positive Attitude

You can read a person’s attitude before he or she even says a word. An attitude can be determined from how you stand, look, talk or walk. Your employer wants an employee who has a positive attitude, since attitude typically sets the stage for how the employee will handle the tasks assigned to them.

4.  Resourcefulness

Employers love employees who don’t wait to be instructed on what to do every single time. They want employees who are resourceful and self-driven, with an initiative of completing tasks and achieving goals with minimum or no supervision. They also want employees who know when and how to react to complex situations without being prodded. When the company is experiencing downtime, they need employees who can look for creative ways to make things better; an employer looks for employees who can expect and solve problems.

5.  Learner-Friendly

It doesn’t matter how old you’re or how many years you’ve worked; employers want employees who are open to learning and growing their skillset. They also want employees who aren’t afraid of trying new ideas and concepts — especially those who work in the tourism, hospitality, and entertainment industry.

Bottom Line

This is a list of what employers expect from employees. These few critical qualities and behavioral characteristics will help you to make it in today’s competitive job market. Identify the skills you have and the ones you need to develop to ensure you stay ahead of the competition. Lastly, let the choice of your words and actions clearly show that you’re the right employee for the organization. Bristol Associates offers executive recruiting services that can also be a helpful tool in matching you with a potential employer. Good luck!