Job Seekers and Employers: Noteworthy Goals for 2018

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Taking the time to set professional goals is crucial when striving to have a productive and effective year in the workplace. Establishing realistic deadlines is great, but also understanding your resources to help achieve your goals can put you at an advantage.

Bristol’s Executive Recruiters shares their recommended goals for job seekers and employers to kick off 2018.

Goals for Job Seekers

1. Update your resume and send it to a recruiter that specializes in your industry.
Refreshing your resume with new job positions or accomplishments is a great way to reflect on the goals that were achieved in previous years. Send the resume to a recruiter in case a potential job search matches your experience and interest.

2. Reconnect with your recruiter or your professional network.
Update search firms and your professional network on your present work status even if you are currently and happily employed. As the old adage goes, it is always better to look for a job when you have a job.

3. Determine your ideal job and research organizations that present the type of opportunity that is a fit.
Narrow down the companies that align with your values and opportunity for growth. Doing so can create more focus on the jobs that you want to apply for that can end up becoming a long-time career.

Goals for Employers

1. Improve employee relations and retention.
Part of building culture is to be sure new hires fit into the organization and compliment the human assets already in place. Careful employee selection in this regard will advance the development of company culture and performance. Let Bristol Associates know how we can assist in building your team through professional screening and selection.

2. Ensure that goals and performance expectations are clear and understood in the workplace.
Be able to define what success looks like for your department or organization and relay it to them. Prioritize communication and give employees constant feedback in order to promote a positive and cohesive work environment.

3. Fill open positions quickly in the new year.
The longer a position or posting stays open, the harder it is to attract talent into applying for the job. Stale job listings tarnish the company’s image as an employer of choice and can end up losing more money for the organization in the process. Reaching out to search firms to assist in the job search is an effective way to accelerate the process.

Bristol’s Executive Recruiters also took the time to share their goals for 2018:

“As a small business owner, it is now difficult to separate the professional from the personal. I’ve put my heart and soul into Bristol Associates and take great pride in our company culture and quality of work. With that in mind, improving my precision and leadership skills are two goals that are top of mind for 2018.”

– Ben Farber, Casino Gaming Division

“My personal goal for 2018 is to continue to assist great companies in obtaining top flight executives capable of advancing their business interests.”

– Kelly Nelson, Hospitality & Travel Division

“I aim to prioritize my health by making wise decisions that promote optimal wellness whenever possible and continue to build strong relationships built on trust and integrity. Professionally, I want to bring increased value to my clients and organization through knowledge, experience, and information sharing.”

– Kristina Paudler, Hospital & Healthcare Division

“My professional goal is to expand Bristol’s Food Manufacturing practice and to continue the legacy of great service that was the hallmark of my predecessor Peter Stern.”

– David Alford, Food Manufacturing Division

It’s common for people to get caught up in their personal goals that professional goals can sometimes be put in the back burner. Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, take the time to reflect and reevaluate your professional short-term and long-term goals; it can go a long way for your career or company.

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