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By Alexander Dodge

Now that I’ve been in the executive recruiting industry for just over three years, I can confidently say that my day-to-day experience is far from boring. I soak up as much knowledge as possible as I continue to grow into the role, and I’ve been lucky to have Ben as a fantastic leader and mentor along the way. This occupation involves understanding client and candidate experiences, pivoting from one task to another, and managing workload stress. In this article, I want to share what a typical day looks like for me, and how I incorporate self-care and balance into my schedule.


Morning Before Work:

My best tip for starting any day is to wake up early enough to take care of yourself properly and try to accomplish something you want to do before work. My morning usually starts with eating a protein bar, but eggs, fruit, and oatmeal are also frequently on the menu. Feeding my body is key before connecting with others. I take care of the animals, then add in caffeine and breathwork/meditation to help prep me for the workday ahead.


Morning At Work:

I start by catching up on emails and InMails (messages on LinkedIn), then move on to making a list of the most time-sensitive tasks to tackle throughout my day. This can range from contacting an employer who is interested in using our recruiting services to a candidate requesting to reschedule an upcoming interview.

The definition of “time-sensitive” is broad for recruiters because if we’re not matching the speed of everyone else’s personal or company timelines, we can miss out on an exciting new search or an impressive new hire. An employer might end up hiring a different candidate from a competitor or a job seeker may decide to accept another offer from a non-client, so time is of the essence. When someone reaches out requiring my assistance, I often need to shift gears and address it immediately. With a two-monitor set up, I like to have certain windows on the left and right side to stay organized and keep track of my progress throughout the day.


Afternoons At Work:

As I alluded to earlier, the nature of recruiting is to consistently reassess priorities. Between screening candidates over the phone and addressing client correspondences, things can slip through the cracks if I’m not careful – reorganizing midday helps with that. This is the point where I’ll refuel myself. My lunches often consist of chicken or salmon with a side of arugula.

When I finish completing my high priority tasks for the day, I take the opportunity to find more candidates that would be a great fit for our searches, engage with my network on LinkedIn, and go after new sectors of business. Most people feel sluggish around midafternoon and that’s normal! We’ve been working hard and often need a break around this time. Even if it’s small, it helps. My go-to snacks are nuts, protein bars, or fruit. Eating “clean” helps keep me focused and energized for a long time so that I can perform at my peak throughout the day.

Most days are extremely busy, so recharging can often be difficult. However, getting sunshine, stretching, or listening to music are always great pick-me-ups. They allow me to take a break from work and give my brain time to relax before diving back in.


Evenings After Work:

After work is prime time to start decompressing from the day. For me, this includes spending time with my wife, exercising, playing video games, cuddling with our animals, or watching TV. Some of my personal favorites to watch are Lakers games, Gilmore Girls, New Girl, That ‘70s Show, and Rick and Morty. It’s important to me that I take this time to unwind after the workday so I feel refreshed and ready to go in the morning. I make sure to eat a hearty dinner and take care of chores to wrap up my day.


It takes time to build a work-life balance that works best for an executive recruiter’s schedule. My advice is to develop a priority system, step away from your desk every so often, set boundaries with technology after work hours, disconnect, and lastly, do something you enjoy every day. Constantly reviewing current and future tasks helps to stay on track, especially if you’re struggling to maintain focus and keep your searches and communication straight. If you’re still finding it hard to focus, tackle things one step at a time and don’t get discouraged! Persevere and work hard, but also remember to take care of yourself. Everything else will fall into place.

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