Applying Seasonal Cycles to Your Career

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As we approach spring, the “seasons” of one’s career came to our mind. From setting goals to enjoying the peaceful moments earned from your diligent efforts throughout the year, read along as we walk you through what each season can hold for you and your career.


Spring is the season for growth and putting the slower months in the rear view. This is the time to take steps towards a stronger and more successful you. Be on the lookout for career development opportunities and take on new passion projects. Another way to start your growth season is by doing some spring cleaning. Here are ways to refresh your professional persona and make sure you’re ready for the next big break in your career:  

  • Review your resume and make any necessary changes to your experience, accomplishments, and certifications 
  • Do the same with your LinkedIn profile, and make sure to check the Headline, Experience, Skills, and About sections in case those need updates  
  • Tidy up your workspace and make it functional for you 
  • Organize your emails and digital files 
  • Nail down your expectations for your next position and research jobs and companies that align with your goals 
  • Research relevant career coaches and/or recruiting firms if you need extra support 
  • Brainstorm and set achievable goals for the rest of the year 


After cleaning and prepping, now is the time to put your plans into motion. Incorporate the goals and steps that you outlined in spring to fit your schedule. Remember that your career can’t be successful unless you build a healthy work-life balance first. If you’re a job seeker in your summer season, use this time to apply to your targeted jobs, stay on top of your interviews, and reach out to the career coaches and recruiting firms that you researched (such as Bristol Associates). For those not looking to move from their current position, this is the time to achieve your goals set in spring and bring life to those planned projects. 


As fall approaches, focus on shifting priorities and relish in all of your hard work from spring and summer. Match the cozy feel fall brings by settling into your new job or lifestyle. Take a look at your projects, both present and future ones, and reevaluate them to see where you are with your goals. Make any necessary adjustments and seek additional resources or support to ensure you are on track with your objectives. This is when work should become steadier and less chaotic. 


Winter is the time for reflection. Between performance reviews and setting goals, this is the key point in the seasonal cycle to take a breather from the rest of the year. Slowing down to enjoy a proper work-life balance is crucial to being able to recharge. Take the time to show gratitude towards your team. And if you’re a job seeker, send some thank you emails to hiring managers and recruiters after participating in an interview process. Once the next season rolls around, you’ll feel refreshed and able to hit the ground running with a positive attitude and a spring in your step. 

Remember to not worry if the current state of your work and life doesn’t coincide with the actual seasons in the calendar year. Fit them into a time frame that works for you and your work-life balance. Hopefully this perspective on cycling through seasons as it relates to your career sheds new light and hope on your journey!

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