Ask a Recruiter: Should I Reach Out to an Employer Who Is Not Hiring?

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Should I Reach Out to an Employer Who Is Not Hiring?

Imagine you are a candidate who dreams about working for a company that perfectly aligns with your career goals and professional values. The only caveat: the employer is not hiring.

It is understandable to be hesitant about contacting a potential employer when they do not have available job openings. Is it still worth the attempt?

We asked two of our executive recruiters their thoughts on the matter.

“I think it is always a good thing to network, especially if the company or person aligns with your own interests and beliefs. Sometimes even more so when there is not a specific purpose and you are networking simply for the sake of building a relationship. It may pay off; it may not. A good rule to live by: not every action should be done with the expectation that you are going to get something in return.”

– Ben, President

“Reaching out to potential employers to let them know that you are interested in their company is a great idea. At least the job seeker is on their radar this way. When reaching out to potential employers, it is helpful to have done some research about the company, so that the job seeker can detail, briefly, how they can be an asset to the organization’s initiatives and goals.”

– David, Vice President

Additional Tips for Reaching Out to an Employer Who Is Not Hiring:

  • Personalize your message. Employers can tell if your message is boilerplate. Provide specific details that are unique to the company in order to convey your passion and interest in potentially joining their team.
  • What is in it for me them? When introducing yourself to a potential employer, resist coming in with the mindset of “what can they do for me?” Instead, focus on how connecting with you can benefit their organization.
  • Engage with your employers of choice on LinkedIn. Connecting with and following potential employers on LinkedIn is a wonderful opportunity to respond to their published content. Hitting the “like” button and commenting on their posts is a simple, yet effective way to keep you top of mind. This practice keeps you up to date with current events, which will also make you a more appealing candidate.

Long story short, you should always try to build and cultivate your professional network, even if you are not looking for work. You never know when it will open the door to an unexpected opportunity. You may also be a resource to your connections in the same respect. “Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others,” said Martin Luther King Jr.

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