Three Generations of Family Ownership: Bristol Associates Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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In the spring of 1967, Jim Sr. and Sandie Bright, founders of Bristol Associates, started up the Los Angeles Franchise of Roth Young Personnel Services. Jim and Sandie believed that honesty was the foundation of the recruiting company and incorporated this virtue throughout their work. When Jim Sr. passed away in 1982, their son, Jim Bright Jr., and his wife, Lucy Farber, bought into the business as the President and Vice President.

In 1990, the company separated from Roth Young and became Bristol Associates, which was inspired by the park nearby their office, Bristol Parkway. Under Jim Jr. and Lucy’s leadership, they integrated supporting their family, fostering their employees, and building long-term relationships with their clients and candidates into the business.

In 1997, Sandie retired after 30 years of service, and it wasn’t long before Jim and Lucy’s nephew, Ben Farber joined the team straight out of college diving into the Casino division. Nora Bright, Jim and Lucy’s daughter, began working full-time at Bristol in 2013. The following year, Jim and Lucy retired and sold their business to Nora and Ben, who took ownership as the third generation. In 2017, Nora discovered her passion for marketing and decided to go back to school to pursue this interest.

This year, Ben represents the third generation of family leadership as the Owner and President of the company. Bristol celebrated its 50th Anniversary in June 2017. Past and present employees came together to eat, reminisce, and share the milestone as a family. In addition, the business launched a rebrand with a new look while retaining the core values of Bristol.

Ben shares his thoughts about the milestone: “It is with enormous pride that I represent the third generation of family leadership. We owe our success to our loyal network. Without you, we would not be here today. We are also grateful for each other. Our team is an extended family, many of whom have held their post with us for more than 20 years. As we reflect on the memories and traditions that shaped such a rich history, we are excited to sustain real relationships in an era powered by automated customer service.”

Bristol takes pride in the tenure of its employees, acknowledging Sr. Vice President Peter Stern for 28 years, Sr. Vice President Kelly Nelson for 22 years, and President Ben Farber for 14 years. Despite how recruiting has changed over the last 50 years, Bristol believes that people are still at the core of our business and we continue to emphasize the importance of providing excellent quality and effective service to our long-term clients and candidates.

The previous owners of Bristol reflect on the company reaching the 50th year landmark.

“I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it has been to have everyone in the business. [Jim Sr. and I] enjoyed doing it and the family was all for it. It was really a family thing and that was very special. I’m so pleased that everything worked out well and I’m very proud of all of [the past and present Bristol employees].”

– Sandie Bright, First Generation Owner, Founder


“It’s pretty amazing for a small, family-owned company to be here for 50 years. I think that it’s something Lucy and I are proud of. We’re thrilled that the company is still supporting its employees and helping them provide a living for them and their families. Something we’re especially proud of is [Bristol’s] employees.”

– Jim Bright Jr., Second Generation Owner, Former President


“It was a very rewarding experience running the company. One of the things that separated us [from other small businesses] was the longevity of our employees, which was always important to us because they were family. I hope to see the continued commitment to employees and providing great service to clients and candidates. The same [values] that made us strong, I want to see continue.”

– Lucy Farber, Second Generation Owner, Former Vice President


“I’m thrilled to see Bristol reach its 50th year! Not only has Bristol been an indispensable resource to its client companies and candidates for five decades, it has also served as a wonderful workplace where its employees can thrive and build life-long friendships.”

– Nora Bright, Third Generation Owner, Former Vice President

Bristol Associates, Inc. is an executive search firm with over 50 years of excellence in recruiting nationwide. Bristol specializes in recruiting for the Casino Gaming; Hotels and Resorts; Travel, Tourism, and Attractions; Facilities and Concessions; Food and Beverage Manufacturing; Restaurant; Hospital and Healthcare; and Nonprofit industries.

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