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Delaware Park, an established and multi-faceted gaming facility on the East Coast, has had a strong client relationship with Bristol for over 20 years. With the property set to open a new eatery and craft brewery in the Spring of 2021, Delaware Park entrusted Bristol to find an exceptional Head Brewmaster to build out their new establishment.

President Benjamin Farber led the Head Brewmaster hunt with the support of Recruiting Associate Alexander Dodge. Overall, the search was a smooth and enjoyable experience. Delaware Park hired the optimal candidate in Brad Adelson, an innovative leader who has been a Head Brewer for several craft breweries. Both parties connected quickly – Bristol sourced, screened, and submitted Brad within days of starting the search. Checking in with Brad a month after settling into his new role, he shared that his favorite part about the job so far has been the people he has worked with during the development process.

“Brad is a terrific fit for this organization due to his friendly personality, mentor leadership style, and strong technical knowledge of brewing,” says Farber. “As per usual, Delaware Park was a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to assisting them with more searches in the future!”

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