Counter Offer Considerations

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You have just accepted a great job offer from another company, which will provide career growth and an increase in compensation. As you are handing in your resignation, there’s a good chance your boss will ask for 24 hours to come up with a counter offer. Undoubtedly, your boss’ offer will include more than one of the following:

  • More compensation and/or a promotion
  • Promises of a more defined career track
  • Statements like: “You’re making a big mistake, that company has real problems”
  • Guilt — “You can’t leave us now, we are in the middle of…”

And so, you are faced with a dilemma: You accepted what you thought was a great offer, and now you must decide whether or not to consider your current boss’ counter offer.

Of course, it is easier to stay. The anxiety of starting at a new company is a thrill most of us can do without. No one wants to prove themselves all over again.  However, just because starting a new position is difficult, doesn’t mean it’s not the best career move.

In order to make the best decision, you should consider the following five points.

  1. Consider what else in the company will be changed in order to hang onto you. Will any of those changes cause resentment among your peers?
  2. Make sure your boss isn’t keeping you around only to “save face” or make their job easier. It is much simpler for your boss to keep you than look for a replacement.
  3. Keep in mind that if you accept the counter offer, you may always be viewed with distrust.
  4. At first, accepting the offer will make you feel valued. But in a few months when it’s business as usual, will you find that many of the reasons you wanted to leave in the first place are still there?
  5. If your value to your company has just gone up in 24 hours, you should be concerned that they are using next year’s increase to give you your increase now.

If your original decision to accept the offer from a new company was motivated by the right reasons, stick with it. You will walk away from your current company with dignity, and begin your new job with confidence.

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