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In today’s job market, employers are competing to attract quality candidates into their companies. Because candidates have more opportunities available to them, it is important for employers to understand what they can do to be distinguished as a viable choice of employment.

Bristol recently posted the results to last year’s Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction Survey Results, which received a total of 1,363 respondents. Executives were asked to rank six factors from highest to lowest priorities when it came down to choosing their employers. The six factors include: Career Opportunity and Growth; Compensation (i.e. base, bonus, stock, grants, and options); Corporate Culture (i.e. receiving recognition in job, relationship with co-workers and immediate supervisor, company values); Job Security; Location; and Weather and Lifestyle.


Ranking of Priorities by Percentages - 2018 Casino Survey

Ranking of Priorities Table from Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction Survey Results 2018


Based on the highest percentage for each priority, a third of executives selected Career Opportunity and Growth as the most important attribute among the six factors. The majority chose Compensation as their second choice when considering employers followed by Corporate Culture as their third priority.


Bristol’s Senior Vice President, Kelly Nelson offers his insight from these findings.

“The key for each company is to honestly understand where they stand on each and every one of these co-efficiencies. A company can be extremely strong in terms of location and weather, and completely lose credibility-based perception of lacking career growth potential and future opportunity.

Many companies can do very little about their location and the associated weather. However, they all can make sure that their company culture encourages personal growth, future opportunity, and job security. These three factors were rated top tier priorities by the vast majority of candidates surveyed.”


In order for employers to receive top candidates, they must take initiative to show executives how they can benefit from working at the company. As much as job seekers are making a conscious effort to prove to employers that they would be the best fit for the position, companies need to exert the same, if not more, effort to recruit and retain their executives in today’s market.

By making the needs of their prospective employees a priority, quality candidates will be more motivated to bring success to the company. As the survey results show, focusing more on employee opportunities and growth with the company long-term will lead to companies putting themselves in a better position to recruit top executive talent.

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