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Is your resume getting noticed? Recruiters and employers in the casino gaming industry rely heavily on Application Tracking System (ATS) software to analyze resumes and shortlist applicants. One critical way to optimize your resume for ATS is to add keywords.

Keywords are nouns or noun phrases that ATS algorithms “catch.” They help indicate to employers that the candidate has skills that match the job requirements. Common keywords include job titles, terms, tools, technologies, degrees, licenses, certifications, training, patents, publications, and locations.

There are two types of keywords. Hard keywords are those that can be quantified or that someone can take a test for, for example, the names of marketing analytics programs. They are the most important with respect to ranking in ATS. In contrast, soft keywords are abstract skills that are hard to test for, but are critical to succeeding at your job, e.g., strong interpersonal skills.

Below are some important keywords for casino gaming management positions, in bold.

Feel free to copy and paste these terms to your resume if they match your skill set.

However, merely mentioning these keywords in your resume is not enough. You must also write powerful accomplishments that highlight these skills. After each keyword are the most critical questions you should ask yourself before incorporating it into your resume:


Day-To-Day Operations

  • Operations Management: What quality management processes did you introduce to improve operational performance? How did you ensure compliance to gaming rules by players and employees? What challenges did you address while ensuring smooth cash flow on the casino floor? Did you strategically design the casino floor layout to optimize profitability and security?
  • Regulatory Compliance: How did you stay updated on the latest gaming regulations in this heavily regulated industry? Did you regularly hold compliance training for your management and staff? Did you rectify issues of noncompliance?
  • Slot Analysis & Management: What steps did you take to optimize slots and table games products to achieve and exceed targeted revenue? Did you develop a slots and table games plan to drive growth and provide best-in-class services? How did you differentiate yourself from competitors?
  • Vendor Management: How did you deal with vendor delays and inefficiencies? Did you utilize any vendor management platforms?
  • Security and Surveillance: What steps did you take to reduce theft on casino floor? Did you install  any new and improved surveillance equipment to monitor casino floor activities?
  • Casino Management Systems: How did you integrate the hardware and software solutions to maintain a strong flow of information?


P&L Management

  • Accounting: What steps did you take to reduce outstanding receivables?
  • Revenue Generation: Did you introduce new services to generate additional revenue streams?
  • Cost Optimization: Did you introduce automations? Did you help rightsize staff by reducing operational costs? Did you introduce cost-effective scheduling?



  • Business Intelligence & Reporting: Did you work with BI analysts to identify product and customer opportunities? Did you create KPIs to monitor casino performance? Did you proactively identify areas of opportunity or underperformance and adjust activities to address them?
  • Predictive & Video Analytics Tools: Did you leverage analytical software and tools to analyze and predict customer behavior? Did you identify popular games and services?
  • Data Analytics: How did you use data analytics to enhance the gaming experience for customers?
  • Competitive Analysis: What competitor strengths and weaknesses did you identify by conducting market and competitor analyses? Did you develop roadmaps?


Business Development

  • Client Retention: What factors threatened client loyalty at your casino? Which loyalty and reward programs did you introduce to improve client loyalty? What steps did you to take to retain VIP customers?
  • Relationship Management: How did you drive smooth collaboration with stakeholders? What steps did you take to drive buy-in for new products and policies? Did you do any sort of change management?
  • Customer Service: Did you work closely with the customer service and analytics teams to identify and fix customer issues and reduce contact-drivers?
  • Casino Marketing: Did you conduct market analyses to identify and tap into new customer segments? What innovate marketing strategies did you introduce to stay ahead of the competition?


Capacity Building

  • Employee Development: Did you introduce diversity training to effectively cater to a diverse and global clientele? What programs did you offer to further employee career growth?
  • Employee Engagement: What engagement programs did you introduce to boost employee morale and engagement? How did you deal with product knowledge gaps in employees?
  • Strategic Training & Hiring: What steps did you take to improve cross-functional collaboration?

In addition to these, consider carefully going over the job listing you are interested in for keywords. Which ones are you familiar with? Weave these keywords into your resume.

By asking yourself these questions, you will be able to uncover accomplishments that highlight your strategic leadership skills. This will not only optimize your resume for ATS-compatibility but also set you apart from other applicants.


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