Job Description: Top 5 Tips to Attract Dream Candidates

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When searching for a dream candidate, creating a formal job description may seem tedious and time consuming. Dismiss that notion – aside from important HR functions, such as limiting legal exposure and clearly defining a role, a well-written job description is an important element in attracting the ideal candidate; in many cases, it’s your first impression!

In the recruiting world, passive candidates (people not actively looking for new opportunities) are generally going to be attracted to advancement as their criteria for considering something new. However, keep in mind that career growth is subjective: increased pay, higher title, more responsibility, better property/location, and an improved work/life balance are among the numerous considerations one makes before accepting an offer.

Bristol’s Account Executive Sean Parry shares 5 vital tips to improve a company’s job description to increase candidate interest.

  1. Customize and give specific detail about the position and what it entails. While daily tasks and candidate requirements are common, many times companies simply copy and paste generic text from other job descriptions, which makes the position seem unimportant and vague.
  2. Update the job description with time. Whether it’s the scope of the job or new technology, responsibilities change; be wary of copying the job description from the last time the position was open.
  3. Clearly outline expectations. If certain abilities are required for the role, make sure the candidate knows what they are; they need to know if they are qualified for the job, or just wasting time!
  4. List who the position reports to; this vital information is often omitted, and candidates like to know the company hierarchy.
  5. Include adaptability. As we all know, employees often wear several hats, so including that other duties will be performed (and that employees have a reasonable amount of autonomy to get tasks done) promotes a creative workplace.

Sean explains the importance of a well-written job description from his experience in recruitment:

“When contacted by a recruiter, potential candidates are given a small blurb with a general outline of the opportunity, and asked to respond if interested. Most of the time, candidates want more information about the position before moving forward, whether that’s via phone call or email with the recruiter, or examining the full job description themselves. For higher level placements, a lack of a job description is typically a non-starter. Similarly, vague or incomplete job descriptions give a bad first impression; quality candidates will see this as a red flag, which can lead to having second thoughts applying for the position.”

As an employer interested in hiring a top-notch candidate, take the time to make a great job description and relay it to your recruiter and/or executive search firm so they can find your dream candidate!

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