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When it comes to recruitment, people tend to have common misconceptions about the process for both candidates and clients alike. As a candidate or client, it’s important to understand the recruitment process in order to ensure that the practice is being utilized effectively. We asked our executive recruiters to share and debunk recruitment myths they have come across while working in their field.


Myth #1: All search firms are the same.

There are different kinds of recruitment firms that focus on specific industries, position levels, and types of work. It is important for candidates and clients alike to research if the search firm is a right fit for their experience and needs, respectively. Simply put, if a candidate that specializes in the Casino industry tries to submit their resume to a firm that focuses in Healthcare, the chances of the recruiter reaching out to the candidate for career opportunities are slimmer. The same idea applies for a client who is searching for a specific type of candidate that may not be predominant in the search firm’s existing database.


Myth #2: Search firms will charge the candidate to submit them to client companies.

The service is free of charge for the candidates. While candidates are the lifeblood of the search firm, the client company hires the recruiter to fill their open positions. The recruiter is responsible for finding a candidate who matches the client company’s overall criteria. Sometimes, this means that the recruiter is obligated to follow specific guidelines from the client, including client confidentiality. This may be frustrating for candidates, especially those that have urgent need for employment. It is important to understand that the recruiter’s ultimate responsibility and obligation is to the client companies, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the candidate’s needs are dismissed all together. At Bristol, we try our best to have the process be smooth on both ends.


Myth #3: Employers can find the same candidates as recruiting firms through job postings and their internal recruitment team.

Oftentimes, search firms have existing relationships with thousands of candidates that are not actively looking at job postings or responding to queries from unknown recruiters. Using a search firm such as Bristol is a strategic investment because we can provide the best possible candidates that employers would be unable to find on their own.


Myth #4: Hiring an executive recruiting firm is expensive and not worth the money.

The real risk is making a poor candidate selection. The cost of on-boarding, internal stress, severance, relocation, etc. can all be lost when a company selects the wrong candidate. The company also runs the risk of looking less than professional in the eyes of investors, customers, and employees. A professional recruiting firm can provide significant assistance in candidate sourcing, selection, and screening. The fee charged is a minor investment to assure a solid candidate selection process and result.

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