Recruitment and Retention Trends in 2021

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Recruitment and Retention Trends 2021

With the events that transpired in 2020, the way many companies are now approaching recruitment and retention has drastically changed. As we round off the first quarter of 2021, employers and recruiting agencies are finding it necessary to adapt quickly to the constant shifts within their industry and workplace. In this article, we offer three pieces of advice to help hiring authorities stay up to date on the most effective strategies to attain and retain top talent in an ever-evolving work environment.


Lead through Communicating and Active Listening

The results from our December 2020 newsletter poll show that 62% of Bristol’s subscribers chose “communication and listening” as the most valuable leadership skill for executives. If your company is in the process of developing and implementing new strategies to keep your team engaged, what better way than to ask the source? Employees possess first-hand experience and knowledge that could prove to be valuable insight for employers.

Put aside time for a meeting with your team or department dedicated to determining feasible solutions to improve their employee experience. Being upfront and getting them involved can be a great way to show your investment in their well-being and professional growth. And the stronger your retention practices are, the more they will help in recruiting and attracting top talent to your company.


Overcome Adversity Through Positivity

COVID-19 had a significant global impact in 2020, and there is no doubt that new challenges will emerge in the workplace moving forward. However, what matters most is management’s approach to these trials and tribulations.

Our President Benjamin Farber comments, “We are having the most success with our clients that have an optimistic outlook for this year and next. And our candidates that successfully make it through the interview process are those that naturally align with that point of view. That’s not to suggest that everything is always roses and sunshine in life and one should neglect reality when it is not positive. But the clear difference (to me) in 2021 is those who are thriving have found a way to carry on with an upbeat attitude, regardless of the circumstances before them. Those folks tend to have a purpose and a strong motivating force in their life.”


Adjust to a Virtual Onboarding Process

Some employers that have not pivoted from traditional in-person processes have experienced a slowdown and had to push back onboarding on multiple occasions due to the pandemic. For new hires that need to relocate, for example, processes such as fingerprinting physically at the property make the process more complicated. They may also need to quarantine based on local guidelines, delaying in-person processes further.

Once the vaccine is accessible to the general population, many companies may require new hires to provide proof of vaccination for COVID-19 before they can begin any in-person activity. Until then, virtual meetings, digital paperwork and handbooks, and pre-recorded videos are helpful tools for successful onboarding as remote work stays prevalent. And implementing all or some of these protocols permanently can make the process more efficient, even when companies move back into the office.


For most industries in 2021, virtual meetings with colleagues and management will still take precedence over meeting in-person. However, we believe the personal aspect to seeing each other face-to-face will remain a valuable aspect in business relationships and will eventually make its way back. As long as you maintain strong communication with your team, stay optimistic about the future, adapt to any changes that lie ahead, and implement processes aimed at increasing efficiency, you will witness your company succeeding in recruitment and retention this year and beyond.

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