Ask a Recruiter: Should I Apply for Jobs Even if I’m Happy with My Current Employer?

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Most professionals are familiar with the unpleasant emotions that stem from a job search, especially when the circumstances are beyond their control. Uncertainty and anxiety when waiting to hear back from a prospective employer after many interviews. Desperation as you try to escape a toxic workplace and haven’t received updates on any of your job applications. Pressures of paying bills and providing for your family intensify with each passing day of unemployment.

Now, imagine you can remove those kinds of worries from the equation because you are already employed and satisfied with your job. Sounds incredible, right? If you are one of the lucky executives who fits this description, here’s why you should still consider applying for new opportunities.


The Advantages of Applying While Happily Employed

Encouraging happy employees to search for a job may sound illogical, but with the right intentions, it can lead to exciting possibilities. Not all of our executive search firm’s placements come from people actively seeking a job. In fact, client companies tend to show more interest in passive candidates because of how they carry themselves throughout the hiring process.

By submitting applications while happy at work, the ball is in your court. Instead of sending your resume indiscriminately, you have the luxury of only selecting jobs you truly desire. There is less urgency and pressure since you are still receiving a steady income in a healthy work environment. You will naturally exude confidence and composure simply because you are already employed and content, which can help you stand out from other candidates.


Tips to Keep in Mind During the Job Search

Be honest with your expectations of a new role. Ponder on your next career move. What job title, responsibilities, or compensation range do you hope to achieve? What benefits do you wish to have that your current employer doesn’t offer? Take these factors into consideration as you research and fill out applications.

Approach each opportunity with grace and transparency. If at any point you don’t picture yourself ultimately accepting that position, address it professionally with respect to everyone’s time. The goal is to determine if the grass is actually greener on the other side, not to burn bridges by stringing along hiring authorities.

Reach out to recruiting organizations that specialize in your industry or field. While search firms work to fill positions for employers, they are always open to forming new connections with job seekers. Start by introducing yourself to a recruiter and sending over a resume. You never know if one of their clients has an interesting opportunity that is even better than your current situation.

Use it as a learning experience. Try to soak in as much information from the applications, assessments, and interview questions you encounter. Over time, you will develop more interpersonal skills as you continue to participate in the hiring process.


As Dave Stutman says, “Complacency is the enemy of progress.” By exploring new opportunities while happily employed, you have more to gain than to lose. And if you receive a rejection or realize a role does not align with your career trajectory, there is comfort in knowing you still work for an organization you already enjoy.

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