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Bristol Associates Executive Search finds your perfect employee among our 200,000 candidates in our database. Having success for some of the biggest names in Las Vegas and hospitality brands Worldwide, we are ultimately confident that we can bring the best senior-level talent at your door. Our boutique recruiting firm is unrivaled in the industry and specializes in alleviating the workload and stress of the search process. Our executive recruiter process is unmatched in the industry.

Do You Screen Las Vegas Candidates before Sending Them Over to Us to Review? “Yes, this is an absolute must for every search we conduct. We do not send candidates’ resumes to our clients without their permission. Moreover, we ensure that our candidates are qualified, open to relocation, and available within the given compensation range. We are thorough throughout every step of the process, from beginning to end. This is how we have successfully built a reputation of integrity and how we have thrived in this business for so many years.” – Ben Farber, President of Bristol Associates

Why Bristol Associates? Bristol Associates is an executive search firm with a 50-year history of excellence. Bristol specializes in recruiting for companies and candidates in the casino gaming, food manufacturing, hospital/healthcare, hotels/resorts, travel/tourism/attractions, facilities/concessions, and restaurant businesses. Simply put, we are the best of the best in the recruitment industry. You won’t find a better executive recruiter in the Las Vegas area.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Known for the best casinos, live entertainment and best hospitality; Las Vegas is often touted to be the party capital of USA. The city is nestled in the valleys of Nevada and is globally renowned for its 24/7 ambience and fun-loving party crowd. But off late, this entertainment hub is soon taking shape of a leading hub for families and retired individuals. As per the demographics score in 2016, Vegas has a population of more than 600,000 people which also makes the 31st most populous city in the state.

During the early 1900’s, Vegas’ was widely popular as a railroad town as well as a staging point for the local mines. Eventually, quite a few railroads were built across countries, and this area started being relatively less important. Things changed in the 1930s after gambling was legalized in the state. Following this legalization, big and small casino hotels popped up along the city and people too started crowding here once again.

As of now, Las Vegas is incredibly popular for its posh bars, adult entertainment options and incredible job opportunities for executive staff management. Yes! Quite recently, Las Vegas reached their much-coveted employment milestone. With around 2,200 seasonal jobs in May, the total employment in this American city is around one million. As per the reports of Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, this is a whopping 2.9 increase from the previous year.


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