You applied for a position at your favorite company, and you have been waiting for a response, but you’ve gotten nothing thus far. Not an email, not a phone call. What’s an ambitious and spirited job seeker to do? Giving up is out of the question. You can heighten your chances of getting that job by taking the time to follow up with the company. Following up on a job application shows interest and enthusiasm in the position. So, how to follow up after an application? You can follow up by an email and later by a phone call to increase your chances of getting that call back.

When to Follow Up On a Job Application?

There is no single right answer to this question. A recent survey revealed that 43% of job applicants would wait two weeks before doing a follow up, while 38% would follow up after three weeks or more. Only 19% considered making a follow up one week after an application. The right time to follow up differs for advertised and speculative job applications — but the average wait time is two weeks.

How to Follow Up On a Job Application


Get the Hiring Manager’s Contacts

You should see if you know anyone who’s currently working at the company you’re applying for to see if they have any connections to the hiring manager. LinkedIn can also be a great tool here. Once you get the 

contact information of a staff member within the company, ask them to link you to the hiring manager.

Another way to get in touch with the hiring manager is to call the front desk and ask for their email and office number. Some job positions usually contain contacts – check first before calling the front desk.

Send an Email

When crafting a follow-up email, the title should include the job position and your name in this format: Job Title – Your First Name – Last Name. Start the email with a courteous salutation using their real names. Ensure that you are polite in the email body and express that you are still interested in the job, briefly highlighting why you are the right candidate for it.

Make a Follow-Up Phone Call

When making a follow-up phone call, you should make it at 9 in the morning or at 5 in the evening. These are the less busy hours. Call once and wait for an answer. If there is none, wait for 5 minutes before calling again. If there is still no answer, leave a message detailing your name and the job position you applied for. Thank them in advance for their consideration and say that you are available for further discussion.

Leave Your Phone Number

If the hiring manager answers your phone call, first ask if it is a convenient time to talk. If they are free, start by introducing yourself, the job title you applied for and say you are still interested in the position. Thank them in advance for their consideration. Once you’re finished with the follow up call, be sure to ask if you need to leave you contact information again in case they cannot find it.

This article showed you how to follow up after an application so that you can get one step closer towards getting your dream job. Following up isn’t a difficult task — all that you have to do is send an email and give the hiring manager a call to heighten your chances of getting the job. Good luck!