An interview can be very stressful, so it is important that you are ready for anything that may arise. Majority of the time, interviews make people nervous. However, what you’re essentially doing at an interview is selling yourself to the company or interviewer, and letting them know that you are perfect for the job. Here are a few tips on what to do during a job interview:

What to Do During a Job Interview

Research the Company and Industry

Know the company and know their position in the industry. An interviewer may ask you about their venture and what they can do to position themselves better. Therefore, it is best to conduct research about the company you are interviewing for.

Clarify Your Selling Points and Make Them Clear

What to Do During a Job Interview

Always be ready with about three to five key selling points in mind, such as what makes you the ideal candidate for the job. Prepare each selling point and be ready to tell the interviewer why you want the job and what sparks your interest in the position. No matter how good you are, you need to show the interviewers that you are interested in the role.

However, be clear about your selling points. Tell your interviewer what you have to offer the company and why you’re good for the position, then give an example.

It’s Okay to Be Nervous

You’ve probably gone over different scenarios and their potential outcomes in your head and feel like you’re well prepared, but you just can’t seem to shake off the nervous butterflies. Relax, it’s perfectly normal to be nervous, and once things move along, you’ll feel much calmer and more collected.

Good Posture

Sit up straight and try not to look too stiff. Slouching, on the other hand, gives a terrible first impression. Nonverbal cues mean a lot and you never want to send the wrong message to someone who will influence your likelihood of passing a job interview.

Think Positive

You don’t have to force a smile or seem overly excited. Being genuinely positive, accompanied by a smile makes a great first impression and shows that you’re glad to be there. One of the best ways to go about this is to dwell less on negative experiences during the interview. Approach questions with a positive mindset and avoid complaining. After all, no one likes a complainer.

Carry A Copy of Your Resume to the Interview

It helps to have an extra copy of your resume whenever you’re going for an interview just in case the interviewer has misplaced his or hers. This will save plenty of time as you’ll be able to hand over the extra copy if and when it’s needed.

Using the tips mentioned as a reference will help you know what to do during a job interview. The most crucial element is to be yourself. It’s okay to panic but try to exude confidence. Give a firm handshake, dress appropriately, speak clearly and avoid fidgeting or talking too fast. Breathe, answer the questions asked in the best way you can and don’t be shy to ask questions as well. Bristol Associates provides the most qualified employees in several industries.