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Benefits are one of the first things new hospitality applicants will want to know about a job. It’s important to utilize these benefits as a way for employers to stand out in a saturated job market. There are a number of unique benefits for professionals who work in the hospitality industry, and candidates will look for them during their search.

Benefits can be used as recruitment and retention tools for your company. Utilizing the opportunity to offer unique benefits that can only be obtained in the hospitality industry is a great way to encourage people to apply to job openings and to stay with your organization.

Here are some benefits that you can provide to your hospitality employees.


Job Relocation Package

A relocation package is one of the top benefits you can offer new employees. Some applicants may avoid a job listing due to moving expenses. This is common, especially in the hospitality field, as most jobs will require them to work in person. If you can offer new employees a job relocation package, you will garner more interest from professionals outside of your area.

There are many perks that go along with relocating for a job. Your company may provide candidates with a moving company, various financial assistance related to the move, and even temporary housing. These aspects can relieve a lot of stress for applicants when they consider moving for a job.

Providing relocation resources not only improves the moving experience for your new employees, but it can also affect their budget when finding a new home. Housing will likely be their largest expense when relocating. The cost of living differences can vary depending on the locations. If you’re able to provide your new employees with a quality job relocation package, they may find it easier to make the move.


Easy Transfers

Another benefit that you should provide for your new hospitality workers is the ability to easily transfer within the company. This benefit can intertwine with job relocation, as you’d be allowing your employees to transfer to another branch of your company. If you’re a chain hospitality company, allowing employees to move between locations can be very simple and an easy process, as long as they can continue working in the same or similar position.

Whether an employee needs to relocate for family reasons or if they simply want a change of scenery, allowing them to transfer to a new location easily gives employees flexibility and peace of mind that they can keep employment if they need to move.

Providing an easy transfer process shows employees that you value their personal life. This can go a long way in retaining workers and drawing in new applicants. Educating prospective and new employees on benefits such as this will show them how your company is committed to its team members.


Work-Life Balance

Prioritizing work-life balance is a great motivator for new hospitality candidates. There are multiple perks you can offer in the hospitality industry that show your employees you value their lives outside of work.

One benefit that you can provide are discounts on items that your organization offers, such as hotel rooms. Larger hotels and hospitality companies have many branches with varying places to stay. Consider allowing your employees to stay at hotels for a discounted price or include a certain amount of free stays a year.

Another way you can implement quality work-life balance is to provide employees with ample paid time off. The average amount of PTO in the U.S. is 10 days per year. Providing new employees with an above-average amount of PTO right off the bat, and allowing them to use it, can demonstrate that you value work-life balance. Demonstrating that your company values balance is extremely important in order to be a viable employer.


Competitive Wages and Benefits

The hospitality industry is highly competitive. To set your company apart from the competition, offering applicants competitive wages and unique benefits can help gain more interested applicants.

Potential applicants or new hires will not only want to know what unique perks come with their job, but also the traditional ones. They should have access to benefits including life, health, and dental insurance. Additionally, providing an exceptional retirement plan should not be overlooked. To be a competitive employer you need to take all of these factors into consideration.

Wages within the hospitality industry vary on a multitude of factors. In the U.S., the range of salaries for lower-level to management-level positions within the hospitality space is between $28,000 and $76,000, but there are also plenty of opportunities to earn tips as well. Jobs such as front desk, room service, and restaurant workers are a few positions where employees could receive tips on top of a normal salary. As a search firm specializing in recruiting for hospitality executives, the salaries for executives are typically $100,000 or more. During the negotiation period, employers should consider providing sign-on bonuses, aggressive bonus plans, and potential stock options to make the offer more attractive for seasoned professionals.


Career Advancement Opportunities

Just because an employee is new to the company, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be interested in any career advancement opportunities offered. Just the opposite – many candidates look ahead and make decisions based on growth opportunities at an organization. Make sure to inform and educate potential and new hires on how they can advance their careers within your hospitality company.

Entry-level positions include front desk staff, bellhop, or room attendant. If the hotel has a restaurant, being part of the waiting staff can also be an entry-level position. All of these roles can lead to advancement within the organization. If employees want to stay within your company, positions like event planning, marketing, or management are career paths they can work towards.

The same can be said for executive-level employees. According to the Annual Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction Survey Results, “Career Opportunity and Growth” has consistently been one of the top three priorities for executives when choosing an employer since 2018.

Having the opportunity for career advancement is a critical strategy for retaining quality employees. Showing new employees that they can move up through the ranks to a higher position if they stay and perform sufficiently is important for retention.


Conduct Exit Interviews

Conducting exit interviews shows that you are willing to learn from your employees before their departure. Unfortunately, you won’t retain every employee you hire. Through exit interviews, you can gain an understanding of why they are leaving, and get ideas of how to improve your company for current employees moving forward.

Offering competitive perks is crucial to recruit and retain new hospitality employees. Be transparent with the benefits offered, how new hires can take advantage of them, and how your company stands out from the rest. By implementing these benefits, you are one step closer to becoming an employer of choice within the hospitality industry.

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