Clients and Executive Recruiters: How to Create a Successful Partnership

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This year marks Bristol Associates’ 50th year in business. As experts in Executive Search, our experience has taught us a few things about the recruitment business. One that stands out is that a successful search is best achieved when there is a cooperative partnership between the client and the recruiter.

When each party does their part, the result is that the client hires a candidate who is personally and professionally qualified to lead and support their company.

As evidence of these successful partnerships, Bristol is proud to report that over 71% of our recruiting assignments come from our existing clients.

The following are guidelines that we follow, and we encourage our clients to follow, to help assure that each search is a success.

What Bristol Expects from Our Clients

Detailed Job Description and Candidate Requirements

When beginning a new search, Bristol wants to hit the ground running. So that we can best understand our client’s needs in terms of the job opening and the desired candidate, Bristol will send each client a questionnaire. Questions include information about the opening, the position’s requirements in terms of experience, education, expertise or skills, salary and benefits, the company’s corporate culture, and any challenges and expectations the company or the position may have.

An Open Mind

Once the search is underway, we will send you a selection of candidates who represent varying salary ranges, education, backgrounds, and skills. We ask that our client keeps an open mind when considering all of the candidates. For example, sometimes the best candidate will lack one of the qualifications in the job description, but has excellent leadership qualities or other essential “soft skills.”

Timely Feedback

Client feedback is essential throughout the process, because it helps us customize our strategy based on your needs. If you are not interested in a candidate whose resume we send you, please share with us the reason so we can send you resumes that more specifically meet your specifications. Furthermore, your feedback helps us keep candidates “in the loop” and feeling valued throughout the process.

Respect for Our Candidates

When one of our candidates comes to visit your company, please understand that an interview is a “two-way street.” It is essential that you make the candidate feel as valued as possible, which includes conducting interviews on schedule, and, when necessary, paying for the candidate’s flights and accommodations.


We know our clients are busy with many other projects during the recruitment process. Please keep an open line of communication with us so that we have enough information to find you the best candidate. If the position no longer needs to be filled, we ask that you let us know immediately.

What Bristol Clients Can Expect from Us


Our consultants take confidentiality very seriously. We understand that you may trust us with confidential information about your staff and other company details; we will protect that information.


Bristol understands that when you have an open position, you want to fill it in a timely manner, with the best-qualified candidate. Once we are tasked with the search, we act immediately to screen our existing database of candidates, to promote the position through our extensive social media presence and use LinkedIn and our network of contacts to solicit potential candidates. We will pre-screen all candidates for suitability prior to referring them to you. 


At every stage of the process, we will keep you informed of our progress. Furthermore, we value responsiveness and make ourselves available to our clients whenever required. Our recruiters stay connected during and outside business hours to accommodate clients and provide the best client service possible. 


We will accurately and professionally represent your company to candidates. Our recruiters understand that our actions reflect on your organization, and we will do our best to act as an extension of your company. We update candidates throughout the process and will notify them as to the current status of their application.

Customized Search

Our recruiters understand that no two searches are exactly alike. We will listen to your needs for this position and learn as much as possible about your company. Our search strategy will be customized based on the information that you provide us.

We Go the Extra Mile

At Bristol, we pride ourselves on deep industry knowledge which we believe gives us particular insight into executive recruiting — we know many of the “players” — both employers and individual professionals — in a particular industry niche. We are sometimes called on to provide assistance in negotiating potential salary and benefits. And we make it a company policy to stay in touch with clients and candidates after our recruitment process is complete.

When client needs and Bristol services align, the result is a successful search that culminates in hiring a candidate that your company can trust in and be proud of.

Bristol Associates, Inc. is an executive search firm with over 50 years of excellence in recruiting nationwide. Bristol specializes in recruiting for the Casino Gaming; Hotels and Resorts; Travel, Tourism, and Attractions; Facilities and Concessions; Food and Beverage Manufacturing; Restaurant; Hospital and Healthcare; and Nonprofit industries.

If you’re interested in working with Bristol Associates, click here if you’re an employer or here if you’re a candidate.

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