Professional Ghosting Is a Two-Way Street: What Candidates Can Do

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Professional Ghosting - What Candidates Can Do

This article is Part One of a two-part blog series, in which we provide tips on how candidates (Part One) and employers (Part Two) can prevent professional ghosting.


For job seekers, it can feel discouraging to apply for an opportunity, only to receive silence in return. There are countless reasons behind the lack of response from the hiring authority, including:

  • Waiting on their colleagues’ feedback on candidates
  • Finding out the position has been put on hold
  • Prioritizing other time-sensitive tasks or projects
  • Not having enough time to respond to each candidate

While playing the waiting game can make candidates feel powerless, there are means within their control to ensure they are not the reason behind the radio silence. If a lack of response has been a common occurrence during your job search, ask yourself the following questions before submitting your next application.


Did I follow instructions?

Application requirements can vary. While most of our clients accept a resume submission, we have also worked with companies that reject applications that do not include a cover letter.

Before applying, always read the fine print in case there are guidelines related to deadlines, formatting, or supplemental documents. Hiring authorities will prioritize candidates who have demonstrated their attention-to-detail by following directions.


Is my resume tailored to the job opening?

Even if you are confident that you have the qualifications and skills to tackle the role, your goal is to make employers feel the same way after reviewing your resume. Remember, your resume is usually the first impression, not an interview, and should be customized to the job opening.

A great resume should convey your professional journey clearly, highlighting measurable accomplishments in each role. Use the company’s job description as a guide to incorporate keywords relevant to the position into your resume. This also increases the chances of your resume making it past any ATS software and actually getting seen by human eyes. If you need assistance with finetuning your resume, consider reaching out to organizations that specialize in resume writing.


Is my contact information accurate?

Submitting the wrong contact information is actually more of a common mistake than you would expect. A candidate contacted us recently through our website seeking advice on a time-pressing matter. When we tried to reach them using information that they provided in the form, the email bounced back notifying us that the email address did not exist.

When applying online, proofread your submission to prevent sending inaccurate or outdated contact information. Better yet, check if your inbox or voicemail is full. It is possible that employers have tried reaching out, but simply could not get a hold of you.


Am I portrayed professionally online?

Nowadays, employers rely on social media and an internet search to screen candidates. You may feel comfortable sharing personal posts with close friends and family, but are you okay with employers viewing the same content?

If a hiring authority spots any red flags in your social media accounts, it could lead to an immediate disqualification from consideration. Perform a quick Google search to check how your online persona is depicted publicly. Review what information is public on sites such as Facebook and Instagram.


Have I already followed up?

Technology is not perfect, and occasionally, employers encounter issues with their application system. If you have not received a confirmation email or have not heard back about a job opportunity, it does not hurt to follow up one week after your submission. Think about the timing and the way in which you present yourself when following up with the hiring authority.


If you have gone through these tips and still have not heard back from an employer, then it may be time to move on with the peace of mind that you gave it your all. Though it can be frustrating not getting a response, do not lose hope in your overall job search. The process takes time; eventually, you will find an opportunity that will be a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the employer.

This article is Part One of a two-part series. Stay tuned for Part Two, where we provide employers with recruitment strategies to avoid being ghosted by candidates.

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