How to Create an Ideal Executive Candidate Profile

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Ideal Executive Candidate Profile
It would be nice to have the ability to hire the perfect employee at the snap of your fingers, but as the saying goes, you get what you give. Even then, it is not 100% guaranteed that the candidate that seems like a dream come true on paper will be the right fit for your company.

So, how can you increase your odds of hiring the best candidate for your team, especially when working alongside a recruiter?

Create an ideal executive candidate profile.


The Importance of an Ideal Executive Candidate Profile

You may be wondering: Why should you create an ideal executive candidate profile when your company already has a job description?

Job descriptions do not always convey what you want from a candidate beyond the general position responsibilities and requirements. Providing your recruiter with a job description is only a fraction of what a hiring manager must do to find the right professional.

At Bristol Associates, we provide consultative, individualized service to our clients. As an executive search firm, we understand that every employer wants to hire “the best candidate” for the job. However, the ideal candidate in one employer’s eyes can be extremely different from another employer.

By sharing a detailed vision of your ideal candidate during the initial phase of the recruitment process, the recruiter will be more equipped to present you with a personalized pool of candidates that best meet your expectations.


How Do I Create an Ideal Executive Candidate Profile?

Use the questions below to identify the major components of your dream candidate. Preferably, brainstorm and create your candidate profile with everyone else involved in the hiring process before relaying it to your executive recruiter.

General questions to consider:

  • Why should top executives be interested in joining your company?
  • What are the company values that you also want the executive to possess?
  • What are the common characteristics that your company’s top employees possess?
  • What traits and skillsets are missing from your current team that would benefit your company?

Questions to consider about the position:

  • What type of leadership style is ideal for this position?
  • What are the skills and qualities that helped your former employee succeed in this role?
  • What desired skills and qualities did your former employee lack?
  • What are the short-term and long-term goals that you expect your new hire to accomplish in this role?

Keep in mind that expecting your ideal candidate to check every single box is a challenging feat. If your candidate profile becomes too extensive, categorize the profile into two parts: “Must Haves” and “Nice to Haves.”


Creating an ideal executive candidate profile is an instrumental resource to help find your next best hire. To put it simply, the more detail that you provide to the recruiter about your dream candidate, the smoother the recruitment process will go. Not only does this save time and energy for both parties, but it also helps foster an efficient and successful hiring process for your company moving forward.

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