Professional Ghosting Is a Two-Way Street: What Employers Can Do

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This article is Part Two of a two-part blog series, in which we provide tips on how candidates (Part One) and employers (Part Two) can prevent professional ghosting.


In this candidate-driven market, more hiring authorities are being professionally ghosted by job seekers. According to Indeed’s survey report in 2021, 76% of employers have been ghosted during the hiring process over the past year; surprisingly, a quarter of employers also report their new hires not showing up at all on their start date.

If you are having trouble keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring process, ask yourself the following questions.


Am I professionally ghosting candidates in return?

As also stated in Indeed’s report, 77% of job seekers have been professionally ghosted by a prospective employer. Whether candidates are being considered for the current opening or not, engaging with applicants improves the brand’s reputation and encourages them to apply for future openings that may be a better fit.

As an executive search firm, we understand the behind-the-scenes effort of hiring seasoned talent. However, there are feasible ways employers can give candidates the peace of mind they desire without piling on the workload:

  • Program the company website to send candidates confirmation emails when they submit an application
  • Invest in software with the ability to send automatic or bulk emails to candidates regarding the status of the search
  • Provide frequent status updates on the company’s job board so candidates can stay up to date with a role just by checking the website
  • Hire a search firm and receive personalized consultation based on their experience filling similar roles within the industry


Is my company’s hiring process personalized?

While ATS and other forms of technology are helpful and convenient tools to alleviate tedious tasks, the hiring process still requires a human touch.

Case example: we worked with a company that expected candidates to record and submit their interview answers through a video software with pre-recorded prompts. Though we sourced and phone screened qualified applicants who were initially interested in the opportunity, many were put off by the company’s interview methods and preferred to speak with a hiring authority from the organization. Since the employer was not willing to converse with them in person or over the phone, a majority of them dropped out of the process.

Software is vital to working efficiently nowadays, but hiring authorities should still try to provide personalized and prompt communication with top candidates to prevent professional ghosting.


Is the job offer competitive enough in today’s market?

Employers who are not willing to adjust to the current market can significantly affect their brand and bottom line.

Before making a job offer to a candidate, understand their reasons for considering the job opportunity. Keep in mind that a candidate’s motivation is not just about the money. According to our recent Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction Survey results, 29% of managers and up ranked corporate culture as their highest priority when considering a new employer; compensation ranked as the second highest priority (26%).

If your company is not willing to provide candidates with a competitive job offer, it is unrealistic to expect top candidates to stay interested in the opportunity. When assessing how to make your job offer attractive to candidates, consider promoting a positive company culture while offering remote/hybrid work, relocation packages, and ongoing career growth.


Sometimes candidates stop engaging with employers for reasons beyond the hiring authority’s control. But if there are a noticeable number of candidates who have been professionally ghosting you, try to put yourself in their shoes. Reevaluating and improving your company’s hiring process, from start to finish, could be the key to preventing applicants from disappearing without notice. Soon enough, you will find a winning candidate who is eager to join your team and shows up on their first day.



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