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If you are looking for a job, figuring out where to begin can feel overwhelming. Aside from updating your resume, it’s important to consider other factors that can help improve your job search. Our executive recruiters share five effective strategies to boost your professional brand.


Check Your Online Presence

While social media is a great way to network, search for job opportunities, and build a professional reputation, it can also prevent you from getting hired. According to a CareerBuilder survey in 2018, 70% of employers use social networks to screen candidates. Of those employers, 57% did not hire candidates because they found inappropriate content in their social media accounts. Your online presence is a reflection of your personality, values, and viewpoints; be mindful of what you post on the internet.


☑️ Evaluate your existing social media accounts and websites. Which accounts positively and professionally represent you? Are there any posts that contain inappropriate content?

☑️ Check and adjust your privacy settings on all social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

☑️ Google yourself. If there are search results that you would like removed, consider contacting support.

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Build Your Reference List

Hiring authorities may request a list of references. Avoid asking your network at the last minute. Refreshing your reference list before your job search will give colleagues enough preparation time to gather their thoughts for when they receive a call from your potential employer.


☑️ Choose at least 3 professional contacts as potential references

☑️ Reconnect with contacts in-person, video chat, phone, or email; formally ask their permission to be a reference

☑️ If a potential employer plans to contact your references, give your colleagues prior notice. Provide your references with details about the vacant position (i.e. company name, job title, general responsibilities, location) and how it aligns with your career goals

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Get in Touch with a Recruiter

Hiring authorities work with recruiters to find the most qualified candidate for their company. While the client company has the final say on who to hire, they also consider their recruiter’s feedback. Submitting your resume to a search firm is free of charge. If you don’t hear back, chances are that there are no relevant opportunities available. Don’t let this discourage you. The recruiting firm will have your information on file when they receive an assignment that matches your skills and experience.


☑️ Research recruiting firms that align with your job level and industry

☑️ Find the recruiter’s contact information and connect with them on LinkedIn or email

☑️ Send the recruiter your resume along with your relocation preferences and career goals

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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Hiring authorities and recruiters use LinkedIn as one of their main sources to find their ideal candidate. Because LinkedIn is a popular platform to network with industry professionals, share insights, and apply for career opportunities, job seekers should learn how to utilize their account to its full potential.


☑️ Fill in all the blanks on your LinkedIn profile, including your work and volunteer experience, educational background, interests, certifications, etc.

☑️ Change your job seeking preferences to “Open to New Opportunities”

☑️ Upload a current professional profile photo (preferably in high resolution)

☑️ If you are a premium LinkedIn user, upload a header photo that is relevant to your profession or interests

☑️ Follow recruiting firms and industries aligned with your expertise and interests

☑️ Request LinkedIn recommendations from your connections

☑️ Boost your professional brand by connecting with industry professionals and sending them a message. It’s encouraged to connect with new people on LinkedIn, even if you haven’t met them in person.

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Brush Up on Your Job Search Approach

When was the last time you actively searched for a job? Career advice can change over time, so it’s important to keep up with the latest job-hunting techniques. If you need further guidance with your job search, the Bristol Breakroom provides candidates with valuable advice from a recruiter’s perspective.


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Keep in mind that building your professional image is an ongoing process that takes patience, perseverance, and consistency. In time, making an effort to boost your professional brand will produce positive results for your job search.

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