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To celebrate National Recruiter Day on May 30th, we want to highlight the positive impact that recruiters have had in the job market. If you are on the fence about reaching out to a search firm for your hiring or job search needs, read on – we asked professionals to explain the benefits of working with a third-party executive recruiter from their first-hand experience.


Experiences Working with an Executive Recruiter 

Keca Ward, Human Resources Director of Infinite Blue, shares an anecdote of partnering with an executive recruiter as an employer. “Finding the right talent can often be like looking for a needle in a haystack. We had an important role open for months with no luck,” she says. “That’s when we decided to enlist an executive recruiter who specialized in our industry. The recruiter’s deep understanding of our technical requirements and their wide network within the sector were amazing help. Within weeks, they presented us with a candidate who had the expert skills we desperately needed and also a stellar track record of innovations in the field.”

And while employers are the clients of executive recruiters, job seekers can still benefit from being represented by recruiters during the hiring process. Former CMO Alison Challman, who is now the Founder of Finally Promoted, reveals how executive recruiters acted as a catalyst for her career trajectory. “I’m not sure I would have made it to the c-suite if it weren’t for executive recruiters. I never really saw myself as c-level material until recruiters started calling me about CMO roles,” she admits. “The advice from one recruiter really resonated with me. When I hesitated about accepting my first c-level job, she suggested I view it as my next step, not my forever job. That perspective stuck with me, leading me [to] take a longer-term view of my career goals and journey.”


The Perks of Working with an Executive Recruiter 

Employers and job seekers can discover an array of benefits while collaborating with an executive recruiter. Ward shares an experience where she discovered the advantages of a search firm’s industry network and ability to find passive candidates. “Recently, for a critical executive role, the recruiter tapped into their network and introduced us to a high-caliber candidate who wasn’t actively job searching but was open to the right opportunity. This candidate was a perfect fit for our needs and brought a wealth of experience that has been instrumental in guiding our strategic direction.” 

Ultimate Kiliminjaro’s Operation Director Michael Sawyer adds, “Being a business in the travel industry, it is important to us that employees can fill a particular role whilst being familiar with the area we are working in, or that they are quite adept in remote working environments. Sometimes it can feel as though the perfect candidate can pass you by because they aren’t seeing your ads and you can’t find them. Using an executive recruiter bypasses this entirely, helping you to feel assured that you are hiring the most-fitting person.”

Challman also elaborates further on another way executive recruiters have helped her during her job search. “Their insider guidance was invaluable in getting me ready and confident for executive interviews. It was a whole new ball game compared to when I was job searching solo and basically flying blind into interviews.”


The Differences Between Third-Party Recruiters and In-House Recruitment 

While an in-house recruitment team is crucial to any organization, employers can get additional benefits by also enlisting external recruiters for their job openings. For one, a search firm can help assist employers with classified positions. Ward recounts a time she had to be discreet about finding a replacement for their retiring CFO. “They [Executive recruiters] conducted the search externally without alerting current staff or stirring industry rumors, something our in-house team couldn’t have managed without risking internal confidentiality,” she explains.

Rhett Stubbendeck, CEO of Leverage Planning, shares his two cents about the differences between external and internal hiring resources when a recruiter assisted in placing a specialized finance position for his organization. “While in-house teams know the company inside out, external recruiters offer fresh perspectives and broader networks. Even though in-house teams understand the culture and specific needs, external recruiters bring in specialized expertise and a wider candidate pool, especially for niche roles.” He adds, “Plus, their industry knowledge and insights help identify candidates who truly fit the bill, saving time and resources in the process.”


Based on these experiences, working with a third-party executive recruiter can make a positive difference for companies and candidates alike. Not only can they provide employers with a wider pool of qualified talent and industry-specific insights, but they can also help open new doors for job seekers along their career path. If you need extra support with hiring or landing a job, an executive recruiter could just be the solution you are looking for. 

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