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The Art of Humblebrag: Resume Extraordinaire
Most people aren’t bad writers, but nearly everyone has a difficult time writing about themselves.

Our clients often get so caught up in their day-to-day tasks that they may lose track of the bigger picture. They’re not sure how to communicate their accomplishments on paper, especially when restricted to a mere two pages.

In this article, I will share with you our secret sauce for asking questions. By asking yourself these questions, you’ll be able to brainstorm powerful accomplishments to showcase in your resume.

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STARS Behavioral Health Group

Bristol’s Kristina Paudler recently made her second placement this year for Stars Behavioral Health Group. Established in 1988, Stars Behavioral Health Group (“SBHG”) is a for-profit Behavioral Health organization with over 22 Program sites in California. SBHG created a new position, Chief Business Development Officer. The position called for someone who demonstrated both an understanding of government and community organizations dealing with a range of social services as well as the possession of business acumen related to program start-up, marketing, and business development.

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Myth vs. Facts Executive RecruitersNot all search firms are created equally. From how executive recruiters operate to what industries they serve or job titles they target, jobseekers need to understand the differences. Armed with that knowledge, candidates and recruiters can work together to achieve the most successful outcome.

Bristol Associates asked three of their recruiters for input on what they felt were the most common misconceptions about those working in their field.

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Successful partnership between clients and executive recruitersThis year marks Bristol Associates’ 50th year in business. As experts in Executive Search, our experience has taught us a few things about the recruitment business. One that stands out is that a successful search is best achieved when there is a cooperative partnership between the client and the recruiter.

When each party does their part, the result is that the client hires a candidate who is personally and professionally qualified to lead and support their company.

As evidence of these successful partnerships, Bristol is proud to report that over 71% of our recruiting assignments come from our existing clients.

The following are guidelines that we follow, and we encourage our clients to follow, to help assure that each search is a success.

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Questions recruiters ask. A man wearing a suit sitting in a desk holding a signboard with a question mark.

It’s the job of executive recruiters, acting on behalf of their client companies, to discern what skills, talents, abilities and personal characteristics add up to the perfect hire. Often that mission requires “reading between the lines” when interviewing candidates. As a result, recruiters will ask questions and get answers that may reveal more than just the answer to the question.

In search of the perfect candidate, Bristol’s Ben Farber and Nora Bright each gave us their top three questions…and what the answers reveal about the candidate.

What Recruiters Ask and What the Answer Reveals:

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Executive Search Firm Bristol Associates places new VP Sales Lisa Pisaturo at Pleasant Holidays

Bristol’s Senior Vice President, Kelly Nelson, recently placed a new Vice President Sales Strategy with Pleasant Holidays. Pleasant, a leader in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries, considers the VP Sales to be a partner to the President & CEO. The VP Sales manages a nationwide sales team and 18 Business Development Managers. In addition, he or she is tasked with growing top-line sales for the company’s four existing travel brands and focusing on growth through expanding existing partnerships and acquisition.

Lisa Pisaturo, most recently Director, International & Domestic Tourism Sales with NBC Universal, has more than 20 years of experience in brand management, strategic marketing, product development and international sales within the hospitality, tourism, and media entertainment industries. Says Mr. Nelson, “Lisa’s sales experience in the travel and tourism industry at Universal, as well as  prior brand management experience at Disney, perfectly aligned with Pleasant’s needs.”

View: Kelly Nelson’s LinkedIn profile

Lisa Pisaturo, Pleasant Holidays

Lisa Pisaturo, New VP Sales, Pleasant Holidays







Bristol Associates is an executive search firm with a 50-year history of excellence. Bristol specializes in recruiting for companies and candidates in the casino gaming, food manufacturing, hospital/healthcare, hotels/resorts, travel/tourism/attractions, facilities/concessions, restaurant and nonprofit/arts businesses.

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Company Culture illustrated with cityscape superimposed over businessman's torso.

By Kristina Paudler, Director of Hospital & Healthcare Recruitment

Two years ago, “Culture” was Time Magazine’s “Word of the Year.” Today, the term “Company Culture” is pervasive when describing enterprises worldwide.

There are various definitions of Company Culture but most agree on several points: that Company Culture refers to the philosophies, values and behavior that define how a company operates. The company culture can define how a company handles clients, employee benefits, hiring decisions, even the office setup and dress code.

Company culture is extremely important to prospective job seekers. A person’s decision to work for a specific organization usually entails whether or not the company has a vested interest in prioritizing its employees’ long-term goals over immediate success.

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Closeup of businessman making decision. How to Choose an Executive Recruiting Firm.

When a company has an important high-level opening, there are several ways to evaluate which type of executive recruiting firm will be best-suited to perform the search. Some companies may elect to work with firms that recruit for specific functions — finance is a good example — like CFOs or Controllers. Those recruiters would source for candidates who have held that position in another company, but not necessarily within the opening’s industry.

Bristol’s specialty falls into a second category; our clients will often choose to work with us because we have depth of industry knowledge. For example, a food production enterprise or hospital may be specifically looking for someone with a background in those industries.

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Established in 1988, the Stars Behavioral Health Group is a for-profit Behavioral and Mental Health organization with over 22 Program sites in California. They are mindful of succession in their company as several senior executives will be exiting within the next few years. Last year, their CFO retired and the existing Controller was promoted to that role. Stars needed to find a new Controller who would be based in the Bay Area.

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